Our latest study by Dr. Ralf Kleef et al, 2020 published in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy journal

Dr. Ralf Kleef - Integrative Immune Oncology

We are proudly announcing that our latest and most important publication by Dr. Ralf Kleef et al, 2020 Low‑dose ipilimumab plus nivolumab combined with IL‑2 and hyperthermia in cancer patients with advanced disease is now online in the journal Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy for cancer (IC) has been gaining momentum and much more attention in the oncology and scientific community worldwide over the past decade, and especially in the last few years. The dawn of IC dates back to Dr. William B Coley who developed fever therapy of cancer in the late 19th and early 20th century, and is now known as the father of IC https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Coley

The recent publication by Kleef et. al. in the journal Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy is the first time that IC based directly on the work of Coley has been published. This new approach appears safer and more effective than the currently practiced IC. In many cases of late stage solid tumors that have failed all previous treatments, it represents a breakthrough therapy.

You can download the free e-Offprint (PDF):http://www.springer.com/home?SGWID=0-0-1003-0-0…

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