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Whole Body Hyperthermia – It is the human organism that we have taken as a teacher for our treatments. By increasing the body temperature, the body activates strong self-healing powers and thus sustainably accelerates recovery.

Hyperthermia is the targeted increase in the core body temperature. It is considered to be one of the most effective therapeutic methods in physical medicine. For reasons that are not really clear, our bodies often lose this ability to develop fevers in the course of life.

History of hyperthermia therapy

The use of heat for therapeutic purposes dates back to ancient times, but the use of heat to treat cancer dates back to the 19th century when a German doctor (Bush) described the spontaneous remission of a histologically documented sarcoma of the face after fever caused by erysipelas.

Subsequent attempts were then made in France and various European countries to use toxins for treatment. The early 20th century data collected by Cooley showed the effectiveness of the treatment in several patients affected by various malignant tumors who were incurable with the therapies of the time.

After the Second World War, the development of a new method of heating tissue, which is more universal and based on radio frequencies, begins.

Hyperthermia became an independent science. There were various international meetings, for example in Washington (USA) (1975) and Cambridge (Great Britain) (1979). This means that despite the ups and downs, the development of this method continued.

The use of hyperthermia for cancer treatment requires collaboration between various professionals such as oncologists, radiation therapists, surgeons, general practitioners, immunologists, medical physicists, engineers and other professionals who help the doctor treat the patient, especially the radiology technician and, last but not least, the nurse.

In recent years, after a period when multiple studies and the pursuit of international approval have sought to clarify the role of hyperthermia, interest in hyperthermia has been renewed, largely thanks to the positive results of several random studies (Van der Zee) .

Today, hyperthermia is used to treat malignant tumors, although this technique is not fully developed. However, recent discoveries and new data on the immunogenicity of hyperthermia, gene therapy and neoangiogenesis contribute to the advancement of this therapy.

Modulation of the immune system

Central mechanism of action of hyperthermia: The regulation of the basic system (matrix) that connects everything deep down into the body core and the natural modulation of the immune system. Hyperthermia initiates a fever-like state and thus causes an intensive, sustained increase in core body temperature to up to 41 °.

Hyperthermia thus activates the body’s natural healing powers.

Very well tolerated infrared

The overheating takes place by pure infrared A on the Iratherm 1000 bed or by means of reflective infrared mixed radiation (ABC) in the Heckel bed. Hyperthermia in comparison to the sauna is easy to explain because you may feel very hot when you go to the sauna, but the body core temperature only increases slightly on the surface of the skin.

Such a curative and fever-like condition can only be achieved with a medical whole-body hyperthermia system. The use of infrared cabins or saunas for aftercare makes sense.

Wir besitzen in unserem Institut die Heckel-HT 2000 & 3000 -
Als Alternative zum geschlossenen Bett gibt es auch die Iratherm Variante -

Aktivierung des Immunsystems

Activation of the immune system

Our thermoregulatory center carefully adjusts body heat to almost the same temperature around 37 ° C. For defense and healing processes, nature naturally increases the body temperature by 1-4 ° C, a process we know as fever.

Fever is not a disease

Fever is not an illness in itself, but a natural and vital defense reaction against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. In a feverish state, pathogens are eliminated, metabolic processes are accelerated and the detoxification of the body is in full swing. Who doesn’t know the feeling of being reborn after an intense fever?

Precious fever

Unfortunately, this valuable process is often disrupted because antipyretic drugs are given without need or much too early. Medicine is also finding more and more that the natural ability to develop a fever is lost (thermoregulatory disorder). The idea of ​​consciously creating feverish conditions is therefore obvious.

Cancer diseases: no fever

As Dr. med. Ralf Kleef showed as early as 2001 that cancer patients usually lack the ability to have a fever, and indeed many years before the cancer occurs. It is also known that spontaneous remissions in cancer are associated with severe attacks of fever.

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🎬 The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright (2019)

It is an honor for us to be part of this success story. It is difficult for us to put into words the mileage that has been set here. The therapy mentioned above contributed to this. Thanks to Grow Vision and our dear Dr. Diana Wright.


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