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FAQ: We welcome patients from all over the world. It is therefore important to answer the general questions in advance so that you can prepare yourself perfectly for your therapy. Here we answer all questions about the therapy process:

To have an initial consultation with Dr. To be able to lead Ralf Kleef we have 2 options to choose from. The direct contact on site or, if the journey is too difficult, an initial Skype meeting.

In both cases, we need the medical documents to be sent by email beforehand to carry out the patient setup. Our team will be happy to help you – please contact us at coordination@dr-kleef.at

The consultation via Skype takes an average of 30-45 minutes and costs 130 €. The first on-site consultation takes an average of 1.5 hours and costs € 190

Dr. Ralf Kleef is a general practitioner and of course treats all illnesses and can make referrals for further examinations to the respective specialist. However, we are specialized in cancer therapy & chronic diseases.

All questions will be taken up in the initial consultation, just write us to clarify the possibility of therapy with us: coordination@dr-kleef.at

The more the better. Of course, the most relevant findings include the most recent blood samples, doctor’s letters, surgery reports, histological findings and imaging diagnostics such as ultrasound, CT, MRI or PET scan.

Please send the documents with the initial inquiry so that we can save time and process the documents quickly and thus assign the appointment more quickly!

Please send an initial inquiry to coordination@dr-kleef.at

In such situations, please always call us on +43 1 585 7311 directly on .

We try to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Below are also 2 websites that are very helpful; This patient was successfully treated in our clinic:


We usually recommend a treatment plan of 3-4 weeks including 6-8 treatments. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Yes of course! We discuss all options in an initial consultation. Here you can contact Dr. Kleef discuss directly which complementary therapy would be best for you!

Yes – after receiving all documents, Dr. Kleef meticulously determines each individual case and determines which patients we can and cannot accept. Age does not really play a role in the treatment divorce, but particular attention is paid to minors.

Yes – each therapy plan is individualized and precisely adapted to the diagnosis. The duration of treatment varies from 4-6 weeks.

Yes – after the initial meeting and examination, we can carry out the necessary diagnostics such as ultrasound, MRT, CT or PET CT, as well as infrared examinations.

Yes – we still need the documents or a complete summary. You will receive an initial medical questionnaire – simply fill it out and return it. This means that the first meeting can take place directly without the patient.

You will receive the therapy plan including costs and can discuss our recommendation with family members or friends.

We cannot give a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately, no one can do that in 2020 . However, we try to be the first on this path.

The successes that we have had so far, can be discussed in the initial consultation with Dr. Kleef personally.

Fever therapy activates the immune system in a completely natural way. This can be achieved through approved fever-increasing medication or through hyperthermia therapy & water-filtered infrared-A radiation. The special “add-on” that we offer are checkpoint inhibitors. These have the ability to stimulate targeted cells in the body.This can activate our immune system & fight against cancer cells. In 2018, the discovery of checkpoint inhibitors was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Dr. Ralf Kleef explains more about complex immunotherapy in an initial meeting, of course.

It can also be beneficial for completely healthy people to strengthen the immune system at regular intervals! The therapies suggested here are as follows:

Whole body hyperthermia

Ozone therapy

High dose of vitamin C.

You will receive a detailed accommodation list from our team. Please just ask for this! We are always happy to help with such questions!

Of course, you can contact the therapy planning department on 01 585 73 11-13 .



We know how exhausting it can be: long waiting times, no doctor present, unfriendliness, the nursing staff is overworked and doesn’t look after the patients as they should. No empathy given & just desperate. We attach great importance to perfect staff and care service. Here we answer all questions about personnel:

Yes, but Dr. Kleef also goes on holiday. 😊

We work with a total of 16 doctors in these specialist areas.

All in all, we are 25 employees in a team with over 7 sisters / brothers who carefully look after our patients.

You can book an appointment for a doctor’s consultation at any time at coordination@dr-kleef.at .

English, German, Hungarian, French

It is important to note that we care for all patients with the same care!

“Extras” such as. However, single rooms can be requested.

Please send your request to coordination@dr-kleef.at

The respective therapy sessions are different and can last from 1 hour to 8 hours. The family members are welcome to be in the treatment room the first time, but this is avoided for the further therapy sessions, as our staff has to concentrate on the therapy.

YES – Our team will be happy to send you the overview! Please inquire at coordination@dr-kleef.at !

YES – After the initial consultation, we will be happy to issue you the necessary transfer.



Most of the time, the finances are always hidden or unclear. We do it differently because we see our patients! With us everything is recorded in writing and presented to you for control before the start of therapy. Here we answer all questions about finance, insurance & payment:

This question is of course always the most important and always the most difficult to answer at the beginning. Since each therapy plan is individualized, how often a therapy should be done depends on the number of therapy sessions. This cannot be answered before an initial meeting. As soon as the initial meeting has been held, our team will prepare all the documents for you!

Of course, no one can calculate with unexpected costs, such as hospitalization with inpatient admission. Please keep in mind that if the patient is in a severe general condition, such additional costs must also be taken into account.

We compile a cost plan in writing before making a therapy decision. If you have any further questions, please contact our finance department at finance@dr-kleef.at .

Of course, no one can calculate in advance with unexpected costs, such as hospital stays. Please consider that if the patient is in a severe general condition, these costs should also be taken into account.

If you have any further questions about additional costs, please write to our finance department: finance@dr-kleef.at

All contact options here Our team

After the initial appointment, the team will send you a fictitious schedule including a cost estimate.

Please cancel 24 hours in advance – cancellations on the same day must have a written justification in order to avoid the cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee is € 60 – due to many spontaneous cancellations, we are unfortunately forced to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

Our planning management will help you here at therapie@dr-kleegf.at

We need a written confirmation of the flight cancellation so that the therapy can be postponed without additional costs. Please contact our team in any case if flights have been postponed or canceled!

All contact options here Our team

We are a private / elective doctor’s office. Blood tests are billed to the health insurers for state-insured patients. (ÖGK, SVS, etc.)

In order to get the therapy reimbursed, you must first inquire with your insurance company and ask about the next steps. In most cases, a doctor’s letter and the associated bills are needed so that the insurance company can decide whether or not a reimbursement can be made.

You will of course receive all the relevant documents from us after you have completed the therapy. If you have any further questions, please contact our finance department at finance@dr-kleef.at

All contact options here Our team

  • Prepayment by bank transfer
  • Credit card payment, debit card payment
  • Cash payment (after each therapy session will be charged!)

YES – You will receive a detailed Clinical Discharge Letter after the program.

Each therapy plan is individualized. There is of course always a solution to skipping certain therapies, but this has a disadvantage in the effectiveness of the therapy.

It is an overall program including immunotherapy, hyperthermia & fever therapy. If hyperthermia is now completely omitted, you will save on costs, but lose the effectiveness of the therapy.

We will find the best solution for you! Our team will respond to your wishes!

Dr. In such cases, Kleef draws up a “shortened” therapy plan, which is then recalculated and sent to the patient for further control.

Of course, you can reach the finance department on 01 585 73 11-22.

All contact options here -> Our team


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    We look forward to you contacting us directly by phone so that we can answer all your open questions. The phone call is of course free of charge and available during the given opening times.

    Tel: +43 1 585 7311



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