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Electro deep hyperthermia, also known as “local hyperthermia”, has a targeted effect in the area of ​​cancer and metastasis. The tumor tissue is heated and warmed up from the outside, whereby the surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged by the heat and temperature.

The effect on the tumor cell

Through intensive thermobiological basic research, which has been carried out since the 1970s, we now know that temperatures from 40.5 ° C can have a cytotoxic effect in malignant tissues, ie have a cell-killing or growth-inhibiting effect on tumors and their spread.

The technique of loco-regional deep hyperthermia heats the tumor cells by means of high-frequency waves, which leads to an oxygen deficiency and the development of an intracellular acidic environment, as well as a depletion of nutrients in the tumor. This significantly disrupts the cell metabolism, so that this can ultimately lead to the death of the cancer cell (apoptosis). This is an important approach that explains the effect of the therapy. In order to define the process, we need to better understand the behavior of the cells:

Actually, neoplastic cells have a certain repair system, but these cells suffer damage when they are exposed to a temperature of approx. 42-43 ° C. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of the repair system. In fact, tumor cells tend to die at 42-43 ° C, while most healthy cells survive:

This is the very basis for the therapeutic effectiveness of hyperthermia treatment per se.

The higher heat sensitivity of tumor cells depends in part on their genetic properties and the microbiological environment in which the cell is located. What is known as “apoptosis” occurs when a cell is damaged and cannot be repaired, or when it becomes infected with a virus. If the cell is damaged and can no longer perceive the signal for death, the cell continues to multiply, which ultimately results in the tumor tissue. In a natural organism, the number of cells should be the same. Means that homeoastasis, i.e. equilibrium, is constantly maintained. The relationship between mitosis (cell proliferation) and cell extinction (apoptosis) is balanced.

DNA mutations caused by cancer change this ordered system, destroy the individual important processes and change the balance between proliferation and apoptosis. The result is an uncontrolled spread of tumor growth.

If this important balance is broken, it can have two different consequences:

  1. When cells die out faster than cell growth, disruption caused by cell loss occurs .
  2. However, when the cells grow faster than the cells die, a tumor occurs

The second variant sets in when the damaged cell has not reached its programmed death (apoptosis) and is able to reproduce freely. How does she do it? This is linked to a metabolic change that has the property of multiplying even with low oxygen supplies (hypoxia).

Because of this change, the condition of the mitochondria in the tumor cells is pathological. This is due to the use of an alternative metabolic pathway to generate energy (Warburg effect) – the tumor cell then draws its energy mainly from glycolysis, which is necessary for livelihood.

A good video display is very successful in one of the latest publications from the renowned YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt” – Peto’s paradox and the behavior of the tumor cell and its growth are shown very well here:

In hyperthermia, the tumor tissue is heated from the outside to a temperature of up to 43 ° C, whereby the healthy tissue above is not damaged by the heat.

We use different, but working according to a similar operating principle, TÜV-certified medical devices as follows:

Tiefen – Hyperthermie Oncotherm EHY2000
Tiefen – Hyperthermie Synchrotherm RF600T
Tiefen – Hyperthermie Hydrosun TWH1500

Another effect of hyperthermia is the significant activation of the body’s immune system. The heat changes the cancer cells so that they can be better differentiated from healthy tissue. This is done by so-called “heat shock proteins”, which serve as identification marks for the immune cells. When overheated, these proteins appear on the surfaces of tumor cells, but not on “healthy” cells.

We use devices from Synchrotherm, Oncotherm and Heckel.

Experience has shown that local deep hyperthermia is very well tolerated by older or weakened people. As a rule, local deep hyperthermia is combined with standard therapies.

Some chemotherapy drugs may be more effective at the same dose, or have the same effectiveness at lower doses when given in combination with hyperthermia techniques.

The resulting benefit is an increase in the activity of the other therapies (immunological, chemical, radiative, surgical) to achieve the best therapeutic result.

Clinical Studies, Publications & Sources  – Here

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It is an honor for us to be part of this success story. It is difficult for us to put into words the mileage that has been set here. The therapy mentioned above contributed to this. Thanks to Grow Vision and our dear Dr. Diana Wright.

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