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Lassen Sie sich schnell & einfach bei uns in der Ordination testen!
Covid-19 Test in Wien
Covid-19 Test (SARS-CoV-2/ Corona Test)

The test material for the Covid-19 test will be taken from you by a doctor in our ordination in 1130 Vienna. This guarantees a correct and correct acceptance. We strongly advise against doing a self-test with the new “self-tester”, as taking it from the front of the throat, nose or mouth can lead to false negative results. It is absolutely necessary to take a smear in the deep back of the throat, which is difficult for a medical layperson without prior knowledge.

The testing in our ordination is very quick and without waiting times – the results will be emailed to you shortly after receiving the test results. If you want to have yourself, your family or your company tested, we offer you a quick and easy way of doing this. This gives you certainty and protects your surroundings.

Questions about the test? Our hotline: +43 1 585 73 – 11

Test offer & tariffs:

Sars-CoV-2 PCR nasopharynx smear test:
Standard: result in 2 working days (except Saturday)
159 euros with evaluation, smear by 2pm at the latest, Friday 11am
Express: result in 1 working day (except Saturday)
189 euros with evaluation, Swab no later than 11am
+20 Euro findings with medical certificate and proof of identity.
Duration without guarantee. The runtime may be longer if the number of tests increases in general.

Covid-19 ELISA antibody test:
results in 2 to 3 working days
59 euros blood test (IgA / IgM or acute markers) and antibodies that show a previous infection (IgG)
79 EUR result with medical certificate and proof of identity

Additional modules: preventive medical check-up, vitamins, trace elements, immune status & desired parameters after consultation with the doctor. If desired, all findings can be shared with Dr. Kleef will be discussed in a follow-up session)

For companies offer the Covid-19 test in Vienna for special flat rates. Please give us a call for a quote and let us know how many tests are required for your team!

Important: bring an official photo ID with you if a certificate is required)

Why Corona Antibody Test?
  • for infections that have existed for 2 weeks or have already subsided
  • to prove an existing immunity in the body
  • to clarify unclear or asymptomatic infections
Why Corona PCR smear testing?
  • to determine an active current infection
  • to detect infection in the early stages of disease, before symptoms develop
  • The only recognized test for travelers crossing the border abroad

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